Sense and Visualize the World

One of the most beautiful aspects of science

 ... is that while there is so much we can see and smell and taste, there is such a large universe full of things we can't directly observe. What's more, the phenomena we learn about in science class — magnetism, pressure, or chemical structure, to name a few — aren't simply present in some remote time or space, they're everywhere around us — a beautiful new world to explore. Imagine if we could see them as naturally as we see light or colour. Imagine if we could see what can't be seen...

A diverse array of inexpensive sensors

The Tricorder Project aims to bring a diverse array of inexpensive sensors together in an accessible, easy to use, handheld design that can be easily kept close in a pocket or bag. More than simply bringing the technology to people, the Tricorder aims to provide intuitive ways of visualizing data — so you might see magnetic fields, temperature, or polarization as naturally as you see colour.

Imagine if you were unable to see colour, all of the things you'd miss

In a similar way, asking the question "Where would I use a Tricorder?" is like trying to describe all of the places you use colour. There are many applications for the Tricorder we can think of — from imaging to science education and environmental monitoring — but mostly, it's designed for the ones that you imagine. We're excited to learn about the world, and we hope you are too.

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